posted Oct 10, 2013
Brooklyn Trio disbanding after ten years of merry noisemaking.Unable to cite musical differences, drug abuse or psychotic meltdowns, Breaking... read more
posted Jul 22, 2013
posted Jul 11, 2013
Looking a six week tour straight in the eye, Breaking Laces Bassist Rob Chojnacki... read more
posted Jul 1, 2013
Very excited to announce that we'll be going out on tour with The Dangerous Summer, Tommy & The High Pilots and Rare Monk starting July 30. Yes, we'll be out all damn summer long, and all over... read more
posted Jun 27, 2013
A video has surfaced of Laces lead singer Billy Hartong in a tight spot. Please watch and show your support by responding HERE.... read more
posted Jun 20, 2013
On a recent van ride between gigs the rock band Breaking Laces ran into some serious artistic differences. It all began when singer Willem Hartong asserted out of the blue that the pop-art... read more
posted Jun 18, 2013
Vote for us on MTVU!!!The video for Mr. Curry Is A... read more
posted Mar 6, 2013
We have an 11 hour drive tomorrow... read more
posted Feb 17, 2013
Breaking news! We have a new video for our single, "Mr. Curry Is A Cop"... drumroll... ... read more
posted Jan 17, 2013
After a few close calls with rock... read more
posted Jan 12, 2013
Noticing a weakness in the 18-25... read more
posted Jan 11, 2013
Hunters and Fishing Folk finally... read more
posted Jan 10, 2013
A woman from the greater Pittsburgh area has apparently become infatuated with the music of Breaking Laces and is looking to have sex with one of the band members.  The reported problem and... read more
posted Jan 5, 2013
This morning Breaking Laces singer Billy Hartong awoke to find he had lost his voice.  When reached for comment Hartong replied...well he didn't reply, he couldn't.  But we have since... read more
posted Jan 4, 2013
Rob Chojnacki is looking for a new low.  "I've tried tuning down, I've tried 5 string basses, but it's all bulls&*t!  I need to get lower." said Chojnacki from his rehearsal room in... read more
posted Jan 3, 2013
The influence of Ringo came home to roost in Brooklyn NY today when Breaking Laces drummer Seth Masarsky called his two bandmates to tell them he had "Blisters on my fingers."  It seems a... read more
posted Nov 24, 2012
We're pleased to announce that we opening for Sister Hazel on their current tour for the following dates: Dec 5 - Tupelo Music... read more
posted Nov 13, 2012
The Laces are on the move this week swinging through the swing states of Ohio and Wisconsin beginning Thursday.  We got three shows and will be doing a handful of radio station and TV... read more
posted Nov 12, 2012
We got some really great shots from our CD Release show at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC.  Massive thanks to our good... read more
posted Nov 6, 2012
You heard us right.  Tomorrow is the Presidential Election.  And tomorrow is ALSO the Presidential Election.  Thats not a typo.After you go to the polls tomorrow to vote for... read more