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Let's not raise the stakes to beat the house just yet, but there is something utterly disarming about Brooklyn based Breaking Lace's album Sohcahtoa. Landing somewhere on the wharf between USS Violent Femmes and HMS Singer/Songwriter, this simple little album spearheaded by a diminutive little...

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This is what keeps us jaded music critics interested: The eternally springing hope that the next CD in your stack will stand apart, that you'll find yourself thinking, yes! This is what I've been missing. When you've written your 36th review bemoaning the lack of distinctive songs on the latest... - [field_press_published_date]

What I like most about the debut album "Sohcahtoa" by BREAKING LACES is the combination of minimalistic instrumentation, thoughtfully arranged in a neat and easy-to-listen-to format of short songs that each tell their own story.

These acoustic-based songs, sprinkled with some neatly...

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Brooklyn acoustic rockers Breaking Laces embrace nerd-dom on their debut album Sohcahtoa, beginning with the title, a trigonometry acronym, and a song called Geek in Love, and some of the least appealing press photos ever. But all that posturing can┬ąt take away from quality music. The tracks on...

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In addition to appearing in New York City clubs, Breaking Laces singer/songwriter Willem Hartong became somewhat of a fixture on the city's subway platforms last year. He performed his acoustic pop/rock next to a large cardboard sign stating this goal: "I want to propose to my girlfriend but I... - [field_press_published_date]

THE BAND: Willem Hartong (Guitar and Vocals), Rob Chojnacki (Bass) and Seth Masarsky (Drums).

THE HISTORY: The Breaking Laces saga begins with Willem Hartong, formerly of Charlie in the Box, moving from Boston to Brooklyn. Hartong soon met up with producer/engineer Chris Liberti and the...

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On the Breaking Laces' debut Sohcahtoa frontman Willem Hartong moves with relative ease from the catchy opener "God in Training" to the moody "Plain Jane" to the up-front love ballad "Meagan." Throughout the album's twelve tunes, Hartong skirts the pop landscape that has been plowed by the likes... - [field_press_published_date]

There is a nearly unbreakable rule in rock: You can't go wrong with a banjo. Songs from Octant's "Mince Up" to Broken Social Scene's "Anthems for a Seventeen-Year-Old Girl" all benefit beautifully from some good pluckin'. A corollary to this theorem is that a handclap can do no harm. You put...

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I can't help but think that the cover of Socahtoa was meant to conjure up pleasant Rivers Cuomo associations with the mussed up hair, the stepdad glasses and the boxer briefs scrunched up around his balls. But rather than ripping off Weezer's successful, credible, self-consciously unhip indie... - [field_press_published_date]

The New York band looks for success outside their own backyard

New York bands usually have a way about them. A kind of urban swagger, an aloofness that comes from living in one of the world's largest and most vibrant cities. Maybe I'm categorizing too much, but you can usually pick the...

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